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Rare Birds in Spain


Pectoral Sandpiper  (Calidris melanotos) and Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva) at Llobregat Delta, Barcelona, on 6.9.2002 

Videos, encoding & text  by  Ricard Gutiérrez


Videoscoping uses the same technique as digiscoping with digital still cameras: attaching (either manually or with an adaptor) the device to a telescope to obtain a higher magnification.

Since 1984 I had been trying to apply a videocamera to a telescope. In those times it was a Hi8 Hitachi attached thanks to a piece of wood to one of the legendary Tamron telescopes 20-60x. Some good captures in VHS of Long-tailed duck were obtained. 

Time has past and now I use a Panasonic NV-EX3EG digital videocamera which I eventually attach to the Kowa TSN 824 I use. Results have been processed in a Pentium IV 1,7 PC through a i-link firewire connected directly to the ASUS motherboard. Initial captures and processing have been done with Adobe Premiere 6.0 software, stills of the cover of the video done using Paint Shop Pro 5.00. 

After several trials with the same lenght of *avi movie trying *.rm format (RealVideo), *.avi with the new DivX 5.02 codec or Quicktime *.mov formats, the best results have been obtained with Windows Media Video format *WMV which can be played in any Windows Media Player. 

To download the encoding software (if any interested), follow this link.


All Videos depicting the featured birds encoded at two resolutions: high quality and medium quality. 

High quality videos are 320x240 pixels sized and at 30 frames/second bitrate
Medium quality videos are 240x180 pixels and 15 frames/second bitrate.

Both birds were videotaped with the camera held in the hand. Some blurring due to heat and minor movement due to hand-shaking are visible but we think the document is all in all interesting.

Videos of Pluvialis fulva already AVAILABLE!
Pectoral Sandpiper (Calidris melanotos)
cmelanotos060902.wmv (1831 Kb) High resolution. 320x240 pixels © Ricard Gutiérrez 
cmelanotos060902_p.wmv (354 Kb) Medium resolution 240x180 pixels © Ricard Gutiérrez
Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva)
pfulva060902_p.wmv (728 Kb) Medium resolution. 240x180 pixels © Ricard Gutiérrez 

Read more on the Pacific Golden Plover sighting its identification page here.

RG wants to thank Francesc Capdevila from Lynx editions for targeting me towards the wmv codec and encoding software after some time fighting with Adobe Premiere and Divx5.02 codecs. RG quiere agradecer a Francesc Capdevila from Lynx editions por enviarme el link al software de encoding  después de algún tiempo batallando con Adobe Premiere y Divx5.02 codecs. RG vol donar les gràcies  a Francesc Capdevila per haver-me enviat els links correctes al programari d'encoding després d'algun temps que m'he passat batallant amb l'Adobe Premiere i el codec Divx5.02.

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Kowa TSN 824 for 1314 euros.
These videos have been obtained with a digital camera manually attached to a KOWA TSN-824 telescope. 
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Pectoral Sandpiper  (Calidris melanotos) and Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva) at Llobregat Delta, Barcelona, on 6.9.2002 



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