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1998 CR/SEO Statistics (1)

During 1998 a total of 223 files were circulated within the CR/SEO. The files were divided into seven blocks called circulations. Each one of those circulations were sent to a member of the CR/SEO who started analyzing the files. Once avaluated, the parcel with the files was sent to a subsequent RC member in an order previously established by the Secretary.

Records per year reviewed in 1998 / Citas x año revisadas en 1998 / Cites per any revisades el 1998

The 1998 work included assessing records from 13 different years. Both 1998 (n=73, 32,7%) and 1997 (n=107, 48%) were the periods with a higher number of submissions being reviewed. They altogether achieved a 89,7% of the total. The remaining 19,3% of the records was distributed in 11 different years of whose 1996 had a 7,6% (figures). 

% of files belonging to each year / % de citas por año / % de cites per any

These figures demonstrate the current delay in sending the reports to the CR/SEO. This delay is obviously mirrored in the final publication of the report, usually two years after the year of observations.

Records per provinces / Citas por provincias / Cites per provincies
Files included reports coming from 34 different provinces (figure), although six of them gathered more than the half (52,91%) of submissions: A Coruña (36), Balearic Islands (24), Girona (17), Santa Cruz de Tenerife -Canary Islands- (16), Gran Canaria (Canary Is.) (15) and Barcelona (10). The remaining provinces had less than 10 records each. This pattern obbeys both to the significance of the different areas for rare birds and perhaps the sensibility of local observers to report sightings: with the exception of Girona, where the submission of 17 records is due to a review of former years sightings (with files from six different years but only 2 from 1998), the rest of the leading provinces present their sightings faster than the average, most of records coming from 1998 and 1997.

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