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Oceanodroma monorhis Aquila c.f.pomarina Pluvialis fulva Phalaropus lobatus
Egretta gularis Falco biarmicus Calidris pusilla Sterna dougallii
Phoenicopterus minor Falco cherrug Calidris fuscicollis Pycnonotus barbatus
Gyps rueppellii nCrex crex Calidris melanotos Motacilla citreola
Circus macrourus nPluvialis dominica nCalidris acuminata Carpodacus erythrinus
    nTryngites subruficollis nGeothlypis trichas


Larus audouinii    
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topoSWINHOE'S STORM-PETREL Oceanodroma monorhis (1)
(1) Lanzarote. One ringed bird was seen and photographed on 11.9 at Banco de la Concepcíón, Lanzarote, Canary Islands (Lanzarote Pelagics). According to susbsequent discussion, the bird would not be coming from Scotland and could come from other sites of the N Atlantic where the species has been ringed. See the Lanzarote Pelagics facebook page here for a discussion on this topic and a photo below (Juan Sagardía).


Photo: © Juan Sagardía, 11.9.2014

Western Reef Egret Egretta gularis gularis (1,2)
(1) Tarragona. The bird seen in late August at Canal Vell lagoon, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona, was seen again on 2.9 (Àlex Estellé).

(2) Cádiz. There was one dark bird flying over Laguna de Medina, Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, on 3.9 (Giles Pepler).

Lesser Flamingo Phoenicopterus minor (1-3)
(1-3) Málaga. There were three individuals on 2.9 at Fuentedepiedra lagoon, Málaga (Juan Pérez-Contreras). See a photo below.


Photo: © Juan Pérez Contreras, 2.9.2014

Rüppell's Vulture Gyps rueppellii (1-5,6-8,9,10,11) NUMBERS FEATURED FROM TARIFA NOT NECESSARILY DIFFERENT BIRDS
(1-5) Cádiz. On 5.9 five birds were seen feeding on a carcass near Tarifa (Yeray Seminario/Birding the Straits). It is unclear how many of the birds seen around Tarifa this week belong to these five different birds and there have been many sightings the 1st week of September: 2.9 1 ind Cazalla, Tarifa, Cádiz (Javier Elorriaga, Juan Ramirez, Andrés de la Cruz, Álex Colorado et al); 5.9 2 ind at Cazalla, Tarifa, Cádiz (Cristian Jensen/Audouin Birding Tours); 6.9 2 ind at Cazalla, Tarifa, Cádiz (Mariano Martinez, Álex Colorado; Andrew Fortuna & Chris Bower/Aviantours Birding Tours).See a photo below from 6.9 (Máximo Sánchez Cobo).


Photo: © Máximo Sánchez Cobo, 6.9.2014

(6-8) Cádiz. On 6.9 three were seen at Algarrobo watching point, Algeciras, Cádiz (Yeray Seminario/Birding in the Straits). These might have included the bird seen the same day there too (Miguel González/Fundación Migres; Juan Pérez-Contreras, Beatriz Pérez Machado, y otros).

(9) Cádiz. On 6.9 there was a bird moulting wing feathers at PN Alcornocales, Cádiz (Cristian Jensen/Audouin Birding Tours).

(10) Zamora. On 5.9 a bird was seen at Sanabria county, Zamora (Manuel Segura). See a photo below.


Photo: © Manuel Segura, 5.9.2014

n(11) Cáceres. On 9.9 a bird was seen at Torrejón el Rubio, PN Monfragüe, Cáceres (Eduardo Cabrero). See a thumbnail here and watermarked photos in his blog.

Pallid Harrier Circus macrourus (1,2,3)
(1) Barcelona. On 8.9 a male was seen migrating south over Tavertet cliffs, Barcelona (Álex Alamán, Jana Marco)

(2) Cádiz. On 7.9 a juvenile was seen at Salinas de Bonanza, Cádiz (Giles Pepler et al)

n(3) Alicante. On 16.9 one juvenile was reported from El Hondo, Alicante (Barry Chambers).

c.f. Lesser Spotted Eagle Aquila cf pomarina (1)
(1) Navarra. On 3.9 a 2cy was seen flying over Lindus, Navarra (Gabriel Berasategui)

Lanner Falco biarmicus (1)
(1) Cádiz. There was one on 5.9 over Cazalla, Tarifa, Cádiz (Cristian Jensen/Audouin Birding Tours; Fundación Migres; Juan Pérez-Contreras, Beatriz Pérez Machado, y otros)

Saker Falco cherrug (1)
(1) Cádiz. There was a 1w at La Janda, Cádiz, on 6.9 (Cristian Jensen/Audouin Birding Tours)

nCorncrake Crex crex (1)
(1) Zaragoza. A bird was hunted, in theory by mistake, at Quinto de Ebro, Zaragoza on 13.9. It was shot together with some Quails Coturnix coturnix, see below (Information provided through Foro Naturaleza Ribera Baja del Ebro, in litt).


Photo: © Foro Naturaleza Ribera Baja del Ebro, 13.9.2014

nAmerican Golden Plover Pluvialis dominica (1)
(1) A Coruña. There was a moulting bird at Baldaio, A Coruña on 14.9 (José Antonio de Souza). See three thumbnails here. The bird remained in the area on 17.9 (José Ramón Sánchez Bugallo), see another thumbnail here, and on 18.9 (Xabier Varela). A further thumbnail from the bird here too (Fausto Infante).

Pacific Golden Plover Pluvialis fulva (1,2)
(1) Tarragona. The adult found at Migjorn fields on 27.8 was still present there on 1.9 (Ricard Gutiérrez), 5.9 (César Carbonell; Jana Marco, Alex Alamán), 6.9 (Ricard Gutiérrez; Quim Minoves; Josep Tantull, Roser Solé), see photos below (Ricard Gutiérrez) and 7.9 (Josep Tantull, Roser Solé; Quim Minoves).


Photo: © Ricard Gutiérrez, 6.9.2014


Photo: © Ricard Gutiérrez, 6.9.2014


Photo: © Ricard Gutiérrez, 6.9.2014


Photo: © Ricard Gutiérrez, 6.9.2014

(2) Asturias. On 12.9 one was seen and photographed at Tapia, Asturies (Pablo Miki García). See photos in the Aves de Villadún blog here.

topoSemipalmated Sandpiper Calidris pusilla (1)
(1) La Palma. On 6.9 a bird was found at Salinas de Fuencaliente, La Palma, Canary Islands (Robert Burton). See photos in his blog here.

White-rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis (1-2)
(1-2) Tarragona. Two were reported at l'Alfacada lagoon and marshes, Sant Jaume d'Enveja, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona on 9.9. A bird had been seen in the Delta last August 2014 too (Malcolm Palmer, Barry Chambers, Els Feuth, Stephan Cramer, Rex Walker, Dave Eddy, Pete Alden, et al).

Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris melanotos (1-2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16)
(1-2) Valencia. Two adults coming from August, remained on 1.9 at RN La Ratlla, Silla, Albufera de València (Daniel Mons, Pedro Marín y Bosco Dies). These birds remained the following days: 2.9 (Toni Alcocer, 3.9 (P. Marín/GOTUR, 4.9 (Toni Alcocer and 5.9 (P. Marín/GOTUR

(3) Tarragona. There was a bird at Erms de la Tancada, Amposta, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona on 1.9 (Jordi Martí-Aledo). See a thumbnail here. It was seen again later in the day (Ricard Gutiérrez) and on 3.9 (Albert Cama), 6.9 (Josep Tantull, Roser Solé; Ricard Gutiérrez) and 7.9 (Josep Tantull, Roser Solé; Quim Minoves; Ricard Gutiérrez).n It was still there on 10.9 (Xavier Larruy).

(4) Tarragona. There was a bird on 9.9 at L’Aufacada, Delta de l’Ebre, Tarragona (Malcolm Palmer, Barry Chambers, Els Feuth, Stephan Cramer, Rex Walker, Dave Eddy, Pete Alden, et al).

(5) Girona. One juvenile was found on 8.9 at PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Girona (Jana Marco, Alex Alamán). See a thumbnail here. This bird remained there the following days:9-11-12.9 (Joan Goy; Miquel Arxer, Oriol Clarabuch; 13.9 (Jordi Faus

(6) Valencia. There was a juvenile at R.N de La Pipa, Catarroja, P.N. de L'Albufera, València on 9.9 (Bosco Dies, P.Vera, R.Gracia, R.Mesa i R.Marcel.)

topo(7) La Palma. There was one on 10.9 at Charca de riego, Las Martelas, Los Llanos de Aridane, La Palma, Canary Islands (Robert Burton). See photos in Robert's blog here.

(8) Asturias. There was a bird at El Cierrón, Ría de la Villa, Villaviciosa, Asturies on 11.9 (Xuan Cortés)

topo(9) Lanzarote. On 14.9 one was found at Tias Golf Course, Lanzarote, Canary is. (Xabier Varela, César Vidal). See a thumbnail here (César Vidal).

(10) Zamora. On 14.9 one was seen at Villafáfila, Zamora (J.M.Sanromán, J.A. Casado Coco). See a thumbnail here (J.M.Sanromán).

n(11) Girona. One juvenile, different from bird (5) was seen from 15-16.9 at RN1, PN Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Girona (Pere Serrano; Àlex Ollé). See a photo below (Àlex Ollé).


Photo: © Àlex Ollé, 16.9.2014

(12) Barcelona. From 16-18.9 a juvenile was seen between Platja de Ca l'Arana and Cal Tet marshes, Delta del Llobregat, Barcelona (Ferran López). See a photo below from 18.9 (Ferran López).


Photo: © Ferran López, 18.9.2014

(13) Lugo. There was one at Arealonga, Barreiros, Lugo on 17.9 (Fernando Pereiras, Luis Gude)

(14) Pontevedra. On 18.9 there was one individual at A Chanca, O'Grove, Pontevedra (Emilio Martínez Sabarís).

(15) A Coruña. On 18.9 one was found at Baldaio, A Coruña, see a photo below (Xabier Varela).


Photo: © Xavier Varela, 18.9.2014

(16) Badajoz. On 19.9 a bird was found at Esparragalejo, Mérida, Badajoz (José Guerra, Marc Gàlvez). See a thumbnail here.

nSharp-tailed Sandpiper Calidris acuminata (1) FOURTH FOR SPAIN
(1) Asturias. One bird was photographed on 14.9 at El Cierrón, Ría de Villaviciosa, Asturias (Miguel Puente). Initially taken by Pectoral Sandpiper, once photos were included in author's blog here, its ID became quickly stated. Despite some attempts, the bird was not relocated.


Photo: © Miguel Puente, 14.9.2014


Photo: © Miguel Puente, 14.9.2014

nBuff-breasted Sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis (1)
(1) Lugo . There was a juvenile bird on 16.9 at Playa de As Catedrais, Lugo (Fernando Pereiras). See a thumbnail here.

Red-necked Phalarope Phalaropus lobatus (1,2-7,8)
(1) Valencia. On 1.9 a juvenile reached Tancat de la Ratlla, Silla, PN Albufera de València (Daniel Mons, Pedro Marín y Bosco Dies).

(2-7) Cádiz. There were six birds at Salinas de Bonanza, Cádiz on 5.9 (José Luís Rodríguez, Miguel Rodríguez, Cristian Osorio, Alberto Benito). See three photos below (Miguel Rodríguez).


Photo: © Miguel Rodríguez, 5.9.2014


Photo: © Miguel Rodríguez, 5.9.2014


Photo: © Miguel Rodríguez, 5.9.2014

n(8) Alacant. On 15.9 a 1w was seen at Salines de Calp, Alacant, when it was photographed, see below and a thumnbnail here (Toni Zaragozí, Xesca Bertomeu, José Ferrándiz, Alcaraz).


Photo: © Toni Zaragozí , 15.9.2014

Roseate Tern Sterna dougallii (1)
(1) Cádiz. There was one at Salinas de la Tapa, Cádiz on 3.9 (José Luís Rodríguez, Miguel Rodríguez, Cristian Osorio, Alberto Benito, Rafael García Costales, José Maria F.Zapata).

Garden Bulbul Pycnonotus barbatus (1-2)
(1-2) Cádiz . The male was seen again at Tarifa on 2.9 and 4.9 (José Luís Rodríguez, Miguel Rodríguez, Cristian Osorio, Alberto Benito). See a photo below (Miguel Rodríguez). One ringed and one unringed were seen at Tarifa car park from 6-9.9 (Juan Pérez-Contreras y Beatriz Pérez Machado). See a photo below (Juan Pérez Contreras). And one more was seen on 9.9 too (Cristian Jensen /Audouin Birding Tours).


Photo: © Miguel Rodríguez, 2.9.2014


Photo: © Juan Pérez Contreras, 6-9.9.2014

Citrine Wagtail Motacilla citreola (1,2,3,4,5-6,7)
(1) Valencia . There was a juvenile on 1.9 at Tancat de Milia, Sollana, Albufera de València (Daniel Mons, Pedro Marín y Bosco Dies). This bird remained there on 2.9 (Toni Alcocer and 3.9 (Pedro Marín/GOTUR @birdingalbufera,es)

(2) Barcelona . There was a juvenile from 3-4.9 at Parc Fluvial del Besòs, Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona (Xavier Larruy). See a photo below.


Photo: © Xavier Larruy, 3.9.2014

(3) Barcelona . There was a 1w at Camí de Ca l'Inglada Sant Boi de Llobregat, Delta del Llobregat, Barcelona on 4.9 (Eio Ramón). See a photo below and thumbnail here.


Photo: © Eio Ramón, 4.9.2014

(4) Valencia . An adult was seen at R.N del Tancat de la Ratlla, Silla, Albufera de València on 2.9 (P. Ruiz)

(5-6) Valencia . There was a juvenile on 9.9 at R.N de La Pipa, Catarroja, P.N. de L'Albufera, València (Bosco Dies,P.Vera, R.Gracia, R.Mesa i R.Marcel.). See a photo below and thumbnail here (Pablo Vera). On 10.9 there were two (Toni Alcocer).


Photo: © Pablo Vera, 9.9.2014

n(7) Valencia . There was a juvenile on 12.9 at Tancat de Milia, Sollana, Albufera de València (Pedro Marín). Seen again on 13.9 (Bosco Dies) and 15.9 (Pedro Marín). See a photo below.


Photo: © Pedro Marín, 12-15.9.2014

Scarlet Rosefinch Carpodacus erythrinus (1)
(1) Girona . A juvenile was seen on 11.9 at Pla de la Riera d'Arbúcies, Sant Feliu de Buixalleu, Girona (Arnau Tolrà The twitch was attempted and on 13.9 it was relocated (Aleix Comas). Despite some fails, on 14.9 it was seen agan (Toni Alonso) then seen and photographed (Ferran López; Gabri de Jesús, Anna Maiol; Ponç Feliu). See a photo below and thumbnail here.


Photo: © Ferran López, 14.9.2014

(1) Cádiz . A male has been photographed at Trebujena, Cádiz, Andalusia, on 19.9 afternoon (Juandie Andrades Moreno). The bird was near the Guadalquivir river mouth and was photographed while waiting for a Kingfisher. The exact location of the site is here (opens in another window). See a photo below.


Photo: © Juandi Andrade, 20.9.2014


topoRARITIES ONLY FOR THE CANARY ISLANDS** Those species which are rarities only within the islands and are dealt with by CR/SEO are included here. Such records should be submitted to Juan Antonio Lorenzo at canarias @** Canarian records of species which are rarities nationwide are included in the main text in violet type.*** Ringed birds in Spain have to be submitted and accepted by CR/SEO-BirdLife, according to Environment Ministery of Spain and the authonomous communities agreements, to be accepted as valid ringings in the national database. Otherwise, non submitted or rejected records will be deleted and ringings will not be included in national or international databases. Ringers not submitting rare bird ringings will be listed. Submitting ringing records is hence specially encouraged as a contribution to global bird knowledge.

topoAudouin's Gull Larus audouinii (1-22)
(1-22) Gran Canaria. There were 22 juvenile birds at Maspalomas pond, Gran Canaria, on 8.9 (Miguel Avelino Suárez). See a photo below.


Photo: © Miguel Avelino Suárez, 8.9.2014

(23) Gran Canaria. An adult was seen at Telde, Gran Canaria, on 4.9 (Miguel Avelino Suárez).

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Suggested citations / Citaciones recomendadas /Citació recomanada:

  • Whole document/ Documento entero/ Document sencer: Gutiérrez,R. (ed) (year, latest update), Recent Reports: [month year]. Rare Birds in Spain. Retrieved from 
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From March 2005 this webpage only includes records of birds needing homologation by CR/SEO. For other local rarities contact local bird reports or records committees. See here those rarities only for the Canary Islands also dealt by CR/SEO. Changes in application to the rarity list from January 2006. New rarities include Sylvia curruca, Crex crex, Sterna bengalensis and others. Larus delawarensis and Anthus richardi have been withdrawn from the rarity list and are not be included from 2006.

Recent reports includes the latest sightings from the whole of Spain which are both personal observations, communications or have been released in E-Mail lists. Please contact the authors before using any photo for anything else than personal reference. Any submitted news to this page will be forwarded to the Spanish RC for their knowledge if enough substantiated but inclusion in this page does not imply acceptance or homologation of any kind which needs a form to be sent.Photos could be cropped for editorial reasons.Gibraltar news are included thanks to Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society but this has no more implication than the sake of completeness given this area situation. Names of localities are featured as given by the authors of the records, that should be cited as those. Today news are marked with anew icon. We would welcome to receive a spare copy of those journals using these news for commercial purposes. Contact RG at address at the front page. From April 2005 only news of rarities needing homologation by the Spanish Rarities Committee are included. Reproduction of the contents of this page in commercial websites (e.g. *.com) or for commercial purposes is forbidden if not agreed in advance.. Go back to top
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Latest highlights:

The Pectoral Sandpiper from Ebre delta, Tarragona on 1.9 (Jordi Martí-Aledo)
The Citrine wagtail from Llobregat delta, Barcelona, on 4.9 (Eio Ramón).
The Pectoral Sandpiper from Aiguamolls de l'Empordà, Girona (Jana Marco)
The twitchtable Common Rosefinch at Pla de la riera d'Arbúcies, Girona (Ferran López).
The Pectoral Sandpiper from Tias Golf Course,Lanzarote, on 14.9 (César Vidal)
The juvenile Citrine Wagtail from Albufera de Valencia on 9.9 (Pablo Vera).
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The American Golden Plover at Baldaio, A Coruña, on 14.9 (José Antonio de Souza)
The American Golden Plover at Baldaio, A Coruña, on 16.9 (José Ramón Sánchez Bugallo)
Yet another shot of the American Golden Plover at Baldaio, A Coruña (Fausto Infante)
The only Buff-breasted Sandpiper of the 1st to tenths of September was photographed at Lugo on 16.9 (Fernando Pereiras).
The Pectoral Sandpiper from Cáceres (Marc Gàlvez)
The Pectoral Sandpiper from Villafáfila, Zamora (J.M. Sanromán).
The Red-necked Phalarope from Calp saltpans, Alacant (Toni Zaragozí)
The Ruppell's Vulture photographed on a carcass at Torrejón el Rubio, Monfragüe, Cáceres on 9.9 (Eduardo Cabrero)

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