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Rare Birds in Spain 
17 years in a row informing on recent news on rare birds and near-rarities in Spain.
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Gyps rueppellii Calidris fuscicollis Sterna bengalensis Motacilla citreola
Buteo rufinus Calidris subruficollis Larus dominicanus Pycnonotus barbatus
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Western Reef Egret Egretta gularis (1)
Sevilla. On 1.8 a dark morph individual was seen and photographed at Caño del Guadiamar, PN Doñana, Sevilla (Raúl A. Mazarío‏). See two thumbnails here.

nRuppell's Vulture Gyps rueppellii (1,2,3)
(1) Huesca. On 3.8 a juvenile was seen and photographed at Baells, Huesca (Juan Carlos Albero Perez). Read more in Spanish at Anuario Rocín here. See photos below (Juan Carlos Albero).


Photo: © Juan Carlos Albero 3.8.2017


Photo: © Juan Carlos Albero 3.8.2017


Photo: © Juan Carlos Albero 3.8.2017


Photo: © Juan Carlos Albero 3.8.2017

(2) Cádiz. On 8.5 a bird was seen from Tarifa, Cádiz (J.A. Sarry

(3) Zamora. On 10.8 a 2cy was seen and photographed at Villafáfila, Zamora (Alfonso Rodrigo, J.M. Sanromán, Cristina Miñambres, J.J. Orduña, Carlos Ramírez, Gonzalo Criado, Juan Morán). See a thumbnail here (Cristina Miñambres)..

Long-legged Buzzard Buteo rufinus (1,2)
(1) Zamora. On 7.8 a bird was seen and photographed with a smartphone (see a thumbnail here) at Pinilla de Toro, Zamora (Alfonso Rodrigo).

(2) Albacete. The bird seen in previous months was relocated on 15.8 at Llano de Riachuelos, Albacete (José Antonio Cañizares Mata).

Cantabria. The bird found on 29.1.2017 was seen again on 7.8 from Cicero, Santoña, Cantabria (Jesús Menéndez @eBird). nThis bird was seen and photographed again on 15.8 (Manuel Quintana, Charo Fernández Montaño). See a thumbnail here.

White-rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis (1)
(1) Zamora. On 4.8 a bird was found at Embalse de Ricobayo, Montamarta, Zamora (Alfonso Rodrigo, Cristian Osorio et al.). See two photos below (Alfonso Rodrigo). The bird was still present on 5.8 (Manuel Segura), see a photo below, but it was not seen on 6.8.


Photo: © Alfonso Rodrigo 4.8.2017


Photo: © Alfonso Rodrigo 4.8.2017


Photo: © Manuel Segura 5.8.2017

nBuff-breasted Sandpiper Calidris subruficollis (1)
(1) Tarragona. On 7.8 (first 2016 bird recorded on 8.8.2016) an adult was found at Migjorn grassfields, Sant Jaume d'Enveja, Tarragona (Josep Tantull, Roser Solé), see a thumbnail here. Seen also on 8-9.8 (Helena Navalpotro On 10.8 it was still present (Josep Tantull, Roser Solé; Sergi Sales). On 11.8 (Josep Bel) and 12.8 (Javier Subirats it was seen again. nOn 16.8 the adult was photographed again (Dena Rowlands), see a photo below..


Photo: © Dena Rowlands 16.8.2017

Elegant Tern Sterna elegans (1-2,3-4)
(1-2) Almería . A bird was seen at Salinas de Cerrillos, Punta-Entinas Sabinar, Almería on 30.7 (Garry Pearson), see a thumbnail here (Raimundo Martín). It was seen again on 1.8 (Garry Pearson, Juan Francisco Jiménez López; Mariano Sevilla; Miguel Ángel Simón ) and 2.8 (A.Aguilera). The first bird was showing a reddish bill (see the thumbnail) but on 3.8 an orange billed bird was was photographed (Jesús Nieto). See photos below, so two birds seem to have been involved. On 8.8 one of the birds was seen again (Raimundo Martin , Garry Pearson y Enrique)..


Photo: © Jesús Nieto 3.8.2017


Sandwich (left), Elegant (centre) and common (right) terns Photo: © Jesús Nieto 3.8.2017

(3-4) Cádiz . There were two birds at Salinas de la Tapa, Cádiz, on 4.8 (José María Fernández Zapata @eBird). One was a ringed male and the other a juvenile. Presumably one of those or another was seen the same day from Castillo de San Sebastian (Lorenzo Rapa). See a thumbnail here (Lorenzo Rapa)..

nLesser Crested Tern Sterna bengalensis (1,2)
(1) Cádiz . On 4.8 a bird was seen at Salinas De La Tapa , Cádiz (José Maria Fernández Zapata @ eBird). Perhaps this bird or another was seen the same day from from the Castillo de San Sebastian (Lorenzo Rapa). See a thumbnail here (Lorenzo Rapa).

(2) Valencia. An adult bird, almost in full breeding plumage was seen on 9.8 from La Garrofera beach, Albufera de València (Bosco Dies @

KELP GULL Larus dominicanus (1) 3RD FOR SPAIN
Huelva. On 8.8 an adult was seen and photographed at Playa Punta del Carmen, Isla Cristina, Huelva (Jeffrey Huizenga See a thumbnail here and full details at page.

nLanner Falco biarmicus (1)
(1) Cádiz. On 16.8 a 1w bird was seen from Cazalla bird observatory, Tarifa, Cádiz (Yeray Seminario @eBird).

Hooded Crow Corvus cornix (1)
(1) Barcelona. At least one of the birds that had bred at El Prat de Llobregat remained in the area on 1.8 (Ferran López @Llobregat Delta Bird News Blog).

nCitrine Wagtail Motacilla citreola (1,2,3)
(1) Barcelona. On 2.8 a 1w was found at Cal Nani marshes, El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona (Ferran López).

(2) Tarragona. On 2.8 an adult female was seen at Migjorn, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona (Ricard Gutiérrez).

(3) Tarragona. On 6.8 a 1w was seen at Migjorn, Delta de l'Ebre, Tarragona (Ferran López, José Luís Copete, Alberto Somoza). Relocated later in another part of the area (Manolo Sánchez - Blanch, Ignacio López).

Garden Bulbul Pycnonotus barbatus (1)
(1) Cádiz . A bird continued at Tarifa, Cádiz on 5.8, when seen singing (Diego Peinazo; José Márquez and on 8-9.8 when photographed and heard singing too (Juan Pérez Contreras). See a photo below (Juan Pérez Contreras).


Photo: © Juan Pérez Contreras 8.8.2017


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Suggested citations / Citaciones recomendadas /Citació recomanada:

  • Whole document/ Documento entero/ Document sencer: Gutiérrez,R. (ed) (year, latest update), Recent Reports: [month year]. Rare Birds in Spain. Retrieved from 
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All birds featured in this page are rarities needing homologation by the Spanish Rarities Committee except:

Anser brachyrhynchus, Aythya collaris, Egretta gularis × garzetta, Gyps rueppellii, Circus macrourus, Calidris melanotos, Calidris subruficollis, Phalaropus lobatus, Larus cachinnans, Larus glaucoides glaucoides, Larus hyperboreus, Sterna bengalensis, Sterna dougallii, Motacilla citreola and Phylloscopus inornatus not considered national Spanish rarities since 1.1.2016 but included here for reference as near-rarities and featured in grey colour and marked with a n

newFrom 1.1.2017 no records of Larus cachinnans will be included in the website. The species has proven to be regular and it is no longer consider a national rarity. Indeed, there are more cachinanns that L.delawarensis records. Sightings of the rest of species 'ex-rarities' are variable from one year to another, offer some id challenges or are of overall interest, and hence they will be featured in the website as in 2016 for the sake of completeness. Phylloscopus inornatus is still included to better understand the apparent changes in its pattern of occurrence including wintering records, despite the tremendous amount of birds recorded in 2016.

See the information page for how to submit records to CR/SEO by e-mail


Recent reports includes the latest sightings from the whole of Spain which are both personal observations, communications or have been released in E-Mail lists. Please contact the authors before using any photo for anything else than personal reference. Any submitted news to this page can be used by the Spanish RC or other rarities committees for their knowledge if enough substantiated. Inclusion in this page does not imply acceptance or homologation of any kind.Photos could be cropped for editorial reasons.Gibraltar news are included thanks to Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society but this has no more implication than the sake of completeness given this area situation. Names of localities are featured as given by the authors of the records, that should be cited as those. Today news are marked with anew icon. We would welcome to receive a spare copy of those journals using these news for commercial purposes. Contact RG at address at the front page. From April 2005 only news of rarities needing homologation by the Spanish Rarities Committee are included, but note above change of policy from January 2016. Reproduction of the contents of this page in commercial websites (e.g. *.com) or for commercial purposes is forbidden if not agreed in advance.. Go back to top
Citas recientes incluye las últimas novedades del conjunto del país que tanto son observaciones personales, comunicaciones al autor o noticias difundidas en listas de correo. Por favor contacten los autores para cualquier uso de las fotografias fuera del estrictamente personal. Cualquier cita que se envie a esta página podrá ser usada por comités de rarezas estatales o de otros ámbitos, pero su inclusión aquí no implica su aceptación u homologación de ningún tipo y son responsabilidad de sus autores. Los nombres de las localidades se incluyen como son enviadas por los colaboradores, que deben ser citados como autores de las citas. Las fotos que se envíen podrán ser recortadas por criterios editoriales.Las noticias más recientes se marcan con new Desde Abril de 2005 se incluyen únicamente citas de  rarezas que necesitan homologación por el Comité de Rarezas de SEO/Birdlife si bien véase el cambio de política acaecido a partir de enero de 2016. La reproducción total o parcial de los contenidos de esta página está prohibida en sitios web comerciales (p.ej. *.com) si no se autoriza de antemano. Ir al inicio de la página
Cites recents inclou les darreres novetats del conjunt de l'estat que són observacions pròpies, comunicacions o noticies difoses a llistes de correu. Si us plau contacteu amb els autors de les fotos per a a qualsevol ús fora de l'estrictament personal. Qualsevol cita que sigui enviada a aquesta plana podrà ser emprada per comitès de rareeses estatals o d'altres àmbits si bé la seva publicació aquí no implica la seva aceptació o homologació de cap mena i és responsabilitat dels seus autors. Els noms de les localitats són posats tal i com són enviats pels autors, que han de ser referenciats com a autors de les cites. Les fotos que s'envïin podran ser retallades per criteris editiorals.Les notícies més recents són les marcades ambnew.Desd'Abril de 2005 únicament s'inclouen cites de rareses que necessiten homologació pel Comité de Rarezas de SEO/Birdlife per bé que també d'altres espècies a partir de gener de 2016 (vegeu més amunt). La reproducció total o parcial dels continguts d'aquesta plana és prohidia per a qualsevol lloc web de caire comercial (e.g. *.com) sinó s'ha autoritzat de forma prèvia. Tornar a l'inici de la plana.

Lamentablemente, de momento no hay versión castellana disponible. Lamentablement, de moment no hi ha versió catalana disponible.




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Latest highlights:

The Lesser Crested Tern seen at Cádiz bay on 4.8 (Lorenzo Rapa).
The Western Reef Egret at Caño del Guadiamar, Doñana, Sevilla (Raúl A. Mazario).
The Elegant Tern at Almería on 3.8 (Jesús Nieto).
The Elegant Tern at Cádiz on 4.8 (Lorenzo Rapa).
The Kelp Gull from Huelva, probably the same individual seen in Portugal the same season (Jeffrey Huizenga)
The Ruppell's Vulture at Villafáfila, Zamora on 10.8 (Cristina Miñambres).
The Long-legged Buzzard at Pinilla de Toro, Zamora on 7.8 (Alfonso Rodrigo).
The Elegant Tern seen in Almeria on 30.7 which has a reddish bill than that photographed on 3.8 (Raimundo Martín).
The timely Buff-breasted Sandpiper reaching Ebre delta just one day before last year arrival date (Josep Tantull).
new 2
The Hudsonian Whimbrel, a long-stayer at Santoña marshes (Manuel Quintana)

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