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Cream-coloured Cursor Cursorius cursor breeding in mainland Spain in Spring 2001: first European record.

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Original photos by Gerjon Gelling and Anne Kuiten
Comments by Ricard Gutiérrez

New: a forthcoming article on this topic will appear in Birding World issue of August 2001 (published September 2001)

On may the 28th GG and AK were looking for bustards and sandgrouses in a now confidential location in S Spain when they suddenly saw 6 Cream-coloured coursers (Cursorius cursor) in a dry field next to a private land.  After observing them for a while they suddenly discovered that there was one pair with a young (a just hatched chick). That indicated that they must had been
breeding there. They  made some photographs, which are attached.

Cream-coloured Courser is a rarity in Spain needing homologation by the national RC. Up to 1999 (report in print) there have been five records three in Andalusia and two in Central Spain. 

Number of accepted records per month (n=5). 
Número de citas acceptadas por mes (n=5)
Nombre de cites acceptades per mes (n=5)

However, since the establishment of this web page in September 2000 there have been at least four more records (not counting this) involving six birds, three of those involving five birds this Spring:

  • Two birds were detected at Guadalhorce river mouth beach, Málaga, on 11.04.2001 (Blás López). This bird stayed only 15-20 minutes (according to  information given to A. Paterson). 
  • A bird near Sotogrande, between Sotogrande and Alcadaisa on the beach track about 0.5km from the lighthouse and just 50 metres from a small  river (Rob Rackliffe) it stayed until 20.4.2001 
  • Two birds at río Jara, Tarifa, Cádiz, on 14.4.2001 (Antonio Román Muñoz). 
  • A bird  at Punta de la Banya beach on 7.10.2000 (David Bigas) might have been there from mid September 2000 as told by the local warden (Ferran Blanch). 
This Spring influx to Spain now totalling with this record eleven birds has to be after this record, the first-ever know case in mainland Spain. The Canary Islands (Spain) hold a local breeding population of the nominal subspecies.

All photos ©Gerjon Gelling and Anne Kuiten

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