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Rare Birds in Spain

newSemipalmated Sandpiper at Galicia, August 2008

Photos by Pablo Gutiérrez & Samuel Paz

Comments edited by Ricard Gutiérrez

Calidris pusillaPhots above:©Samuel Paz. 18.8.2008


A bird was found at Complejo Litoral de Baldaio, Carballo, A Coruña on 24.7 (Amadeo Pombo). The full story of the finding can be read in his new blog here (in Spanish). The bird, a mega, remained in the area the following day (Xabier Varela). On 26.7.2008 it was seen at laguna de A Frouxeira, Valdoviño, A Coruña (Pablo Gutierrez) where it remained on 28.7 (Antonio Gutiérrez, Pablo Gutiérrez) and 29.7 (Toño Salazar).See photos below (Pablo Gutiérrez). And more on his blog here in Spanish.

Interestingly, an adult "peep" was found at A Comboa (Ladeira), Corrubedo Natural Park, Ribeira on 16.8.2008 (Juan Cabeza). It was seen again on 17.8 (Samuel Paz; Juan Cabeza) and 18.8 (Samuel Paz). Identified as Semipalmated only the second day, it surely was the same bird observed on 24-25.07 at Baldaio and 26-29.07 at Valdoviño (136 km away), according to feather design, although some scapulars moulted (analysis by C.D.Romai). See a compilation of the photos of the bird below.


Photos ©Pablo Gutiérrez & ©Samuel Paz

July 2008

Calidris pusilla
Calidris pusillaCalidris pusillaPhotos above:© Pablo Gutiérrez. 26.7.2008


August 2008

Calidris pusillaCalidris pusillaPhotos above:©Samuel Paz. 17.8.2008

Calidris pusillaCalidris pusillaCalidris pusillaCalidris pusillaPhotos above:©Samuel Paz. 18.8.2008


Thanks to Samuel Paz, Pablo Gutiérrez, Cosme Damian Romai and all the observers who sent information to Rare Birds in Spain and made possible this webpage.

Gutiérrez, P & Paz,S..2008. Semipalmated Sandpiper at Galicia: July-August 2008. Rare Birds in Spain. Retrieved from 


Semipalmated Sandpiper at Galicia:Juy - August 2008


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