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Rare Birds in Spain


Greenish Warbler at Remolar-Filipines reserve, Llobregat delta on 27.9.2004

Photos by Ferran López and Ricard Gutiérrez


During september and october a ringing campaing to monitor the autumn passage is regularly carried out at the Remolar-Filipines reserve, within the Llobregat delta, at Viladecans, Barcelona, NE Spain. Joan Castelló is in charge of the ringing operative.

During 2003, a number of rarities were recorded the last week of September (see here for the complete report). On 27.9 and after a weekend of strong N winds reaching NE Spain a Greenish Warbler Phylloscopus trochiloides viridanus was trapped at 10:00 AM (Joan Castelló, Ferran López; Rafael Armada; Ricard Gutiérrez; Armand Ramal, Xavier Sampere, Néstor Urios). This is the 1st record for Catalonia and the 2nd for Mediterranean Spain after a bird trapped on 6.9.1988 at Columbretes islands, Castelló. A number of reports from september 2003 for Asturies , almost in the same dates as this one, have not yet been studied by the CR/SEO.

The following photos show clearly the main structural features of the species, and the main plumage characteristics particularly wing bar, proportions, bill shape (see thumbnails in the right side of page) and head pattern.

The record has been submitted via snail mail to the Spanish Rarities Committee


Photos by © Ferran López using Nikon Coolpix directly and through Kowa TSN823 and © Ricard Gutiérrez (Agpha E-photo 1680).

The bird once released in a nearby tree(© Ferran López). 
El ave una vez anillada y soltada en un árbol cercano (© Ferran López)
L'ocell, un cop anellat i alliberat en un arbre proper (© Ferran López)

Note the small size, and slight wing-bar (© Ricard Gutiérrez). 
Es destacable el pequeño tamaño del ave y la ténue lista alar (© Ricard Gutiérrez)
Fixeu-vos en el petit tamany de l'ocell i en la lleugera franja alar (© Ricard Gutiérrez)

The head pattern and the particular crown shape is typical (© Ferran López). 
El patrón de la cabeza y la particular forma de la coronilla es típica (© Ferran López)
El patró del cap i la particular forma del cap són típiques (© Ferran López)

The green tinge and the overall aspect does look very different from any common Phylloscopus(© Ferran López). 
El tono verdoso y el aspecto general lo hace muy diferente de cualquier otro mosquitero más común (© Ferran López)
El to verdós i l'aspecte general el fa molt diferent de qualsevol altre espècie de mosquiter(© Ferran López)

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Note the width of bill base Photo: R.Gutiérrez

Greenish Warbler at Remolar-Filipines reserve, Llobregat delta on 27.9.2004


Some of the lucky observers. Left to right Xavier Sampere (green-dressed), F.López (with the telescope), an unknown visitor (hidden), Joan Castelló (center) and Rafa Armada (right, stand up). Photo: R.Gutiérrez

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