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Rare Birds in Spain


Iceland and Glaucous Gulls at Asturies, December 2003-February 2004

Photos by Gilberto S Jardón


On 14.2 a Glaucous gull was seen at Penarroda beach, Castropol, Asturies. On 30.12 the same beach had hosted an Iceland gull, also featured here. Asturies is one of the best places for Glaucous and Iceland gulls in Spain as these shots demonstrate.


All photos by © Gilberto S. Jardón

Photos showing Glaucous Gull (Larus hyperboreus) two above and Iceland Gull (L.glaucoides) two below at Penarroda beach, Castopol, Asturies on 14.2.2004 and 31.12.2003 (© Gilberto S Jardón)
Fotos mostrando Gaviota Hiperbórea (L.hyperboreus) -las dos de arriba- y gaviota groenlandesa (L.glaucoides) en la playa de Penarroda, Castropol, Asturies el 14.2.2004 y el 31.12.2003 respectivamente (© Gilberto S Jardón)
Fotos que mostren un Gavinot hiperbori (L.hyperboreus) -les dues de dalt- i un Gavinot polar (L.glaucoides) a la platja de Penarroda, Castropol, Asturies el 14.2.2004 i el 31.12.2003 respectivament (© Gilberto S Jardón)

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Iceland and Glaucous Gulls at Asturies, December 2003-February 2004


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