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The Siberian Blue Robin, Luscinia cyane at Ebre Delta, Tarragona, 18.10.2000
Notes on identification of this bird
Note: A complete paper on this sighting is already in preparation by David Bigas for the european birding press.

The following photos were taken using a digital camera © Ricard Gutiérrez.

The bird perhaps might recall a slightly juvenile Robin-like bird. But note the extremely short tail (not growing but at its full length), bare parts coloration (very pale feet) or contrast between brown upperparts and white undertail coverts and vent. Outer webs of primaries and secondaries showed a golden tinge. Note also pale tips to greater coverts.

The bird had two ticks (parasits) one visible here on its bill base.  The bill was powerful and rather flesh-horn coloured. Notice again pale feet. The face was dominated by the big dark eye surrounded by a golden eye ring. Note also the  browner chest and breast with feathers featuring darker brown borders.

Amongst upperparts, the bluish tinge of tail and uppertail coverts was the most distinctive feature. Notice also the extremely short tail length.

All the pages on this bird plus the present (and other) photos that were taken couldn't have been possible without the help, advice and knowledge of our friend and colleague, and this bird finder, David Bigas to whom all of us should be indebted. Thank you.

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