Rare Birds in Spain


The Western Reef Heron at cal Roc, Llobregat Delta, 18.9.2000
Notes on identification of this bird

The following photos were taken using a digital camera manually attached to a Kowa TSN4 telescope. © Ricard Gutiérrez.

Note the bill profile, thickness and whitish tip. Also yellow lores and feet colour. Despite the photo being slightly overexposed, mantle was greyer than wings and wing feathers showed darker centers with paler borders.

Bill shape is typical of schistacea. Besides, these whitish/pied forms are more typical in this ssp. whilst are almost absent or very rare (< 2%) in gularis. Note the wings which were slightly drooping and the relatively short feet.

Note colour of lower mandible, neck shape and colour of wing feathers with light grey centers and whitish edges. 

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